An informal laboratory and research project founded in 2020, that investigates the meaning of contemporary space according to the evolution of social, economic, environmental and digital issues.

As an oxymoron, FluidiForme does not possess its own defined shape, but assumes that of the vessel that contains it.
This method comes from the idea that the space can not be considered as a static entity, but a dynamic one.

As a fluid practice, Fluidiforme strives to merge the scientific and artistic through a multidisciplinary approach.
The complexity of questions currently faced by the design process demand the use of new tools.

As a container, FluidiForme collects different experiences from all over the world, through research and case studies across Europe, Latin America and Asia.

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It was established in 2016 in order to respond to the needs of global fashion markets by offering distinctive design trademark products inspired by the aesthetic, values and lifestyle of the top global luxury brands at a contemporary fashion segment price range. PARDEN’s collection is firmly linked to italian culture, especially to the region of Apulia, made in Italy, craftmanship and modern silhouettes. PARDEN’s offers a new meaning of elegance to cosmopolitan women in search for sophisticated yet contemporary clothing.